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mr newhaven

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hey guys/gals...


i've been torn for the past few days...


i found an epiphone texan elite...65 reissue in gorgeous condition...the question is do i really need another acoustic??


hahaha...ok dont answer that...i always need another guitar!


but the question is does anyone on this forum have one??


ive wanted one for quite some time but im trying to be objective...its a lot of money...j45 kinda money so i want to make sure its worth it...


i havent gone over a price yet but i think i can get it in the 1000-1200 range...maybe even less...what say you guys??

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First I would not offer more than half of what you said. I have bought several apartments by saying (loud and clear) "this is not my building" when the price was too high. Walked out and they called me later. Don't offer too much (especially at first). Just enough to be "in the game." Maybe not that much depending on how big and how fast the game is and always be willing to walk away at $1 more than your optimum. You may turn away from several, but you'll usually end up with what you wanted. (Don't dress to fancy when they see you and don't have fancy toys)

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yeah i realized that i thought it was the mccartney version!

those go for 22-2600!


its not and therefore the price just went down a lot!


still a great guitar and one that i am interested in!


just not for the price of a paul mccartney signature!


just letting you know gitfidl that i wont get duped!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


thanks for the input you just made me realize that i should bid lower

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I would think in terms of an investment that the Gibson name would be

worth more in the long run. The Epiphone may be a wondeful guitar

but I doubt it will hold it's value or appreciate over time like the Gibson.

A "historic" Epiphone will hold its value just the same as a Gibson, in my opinion.


I know it's not a vintage Kalamazoo, but any model associated with The Beatles - a Casino or Texan, mostly - will hold its value better than any random Epiphone. The Japanese models - Orville, Elite, and Elitists, will also hold their value more than any of the "standard" models.


Considering the availability of the Japanese models in the United States, the value is also a bit higher.

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while i appreciate j-200 koa's opinion...and agree with him that gibson overall retain value better than epi's...i also agree with pohatu771 that not all epi's are created equal.

especially the beatle epi's...


here is the rub...i have handpicked all of my guitars for different reasons...and the one thing i never account for is resale value...because im not selling any of them!

i dont buy guitars as investments...what i try and do is buy the best guitar i can afford...the idea behind it being that i do not want to outgrow a guitar...sell it for 40% of its value and then upgrade...i would rather wait a couple more months and get a '62 AVRI strat than just a plain ol' american standard...the les paul i got was best bang for its buck in my opinion (VM's RULE) and on top of that i liked the original look to the VM! plus the pickups are money!


i always wanted a small-bodied gibson and although i got a great deal on the L-00 I am still a bit upset with myself that I didn't just wait and pony up for an LG-2.

not that i have an issue with my L-00 in fact the longer i keep it the more i love it!


the epi texan is just a gorgeous guitar in my opinion...right up there with a J-45...but if i wanted a j-45 i would have bought one!

i like the idea of the texan!

of course i would prefer a mccartney reissue but i dont want to spend 2400+ right now...

i found the texan in question and wasnt even in the market for one but when i saw how immaculate the guitar was...i was gassing hard for it!


but the owner is confusing with the the macca version and therefore in my opinion is charging more than its worth!

i didnt even send her an offer because i dont want to come across as a low-baller...she stated her price...i realized it wasn't worth it...and then thanked her for her time...


ill wait around until another texan comes up...and one will eventually...and when it does i just hope i have to loot to jump on it!


now my wish list is as follows: (all of these are either new or reissues but if a vintage version comes around for the right price...obviously ill take it!)


1. Epi Casino Natural (elitist)

2. Gibson Les Paul Jr Sunburst (They are going new for like $800...but i have others on my list that need my attention first)

3. Epi Texan

4. Gibson LG2 either Arlo Guthrie or not

5. Fender Custom Shop Rosewood Tele (like the one Harrison had on the rooftop concert)

6. Hofner Beatle Bass (I have a fender p bass now and i played a 60's reissue hofner the other day at daddy junkies...no comparison!)


**this list is only for guitars

ill spare you my mic list and my moog list!


thanks again for all your time boys/girls!

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