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Alt tuning tools


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Creates fingering charts for guitar, bass, mandolin, banjo, or any stringed, fretted instrument. Simply type the chord name in English or musical notation.


Look up any scale, any tuning.

Chord Designer

Reverse chord lookup.

Guitarator Toolbox

Enhanced downloadable tools.









poor mans dark fire





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I'm not a fan of having the mck on the front of the acoustic. It's almost inconvenient on the DF as you get used to it, but mostly I feel acoustic guitars are "natural". Besides the guitar being thicker and thus harder to see the mck to fiddle with it, it looks horrible having this high tech light up led wheel on an acoustic. I may be in the smaller majority here, but it fits in great with an electric guitar, cutting edge technology and everything. But I think most people who play an acoustic guitar will want that homey country natural guitar look. I also noticed what i think to be tone/volume knobs on the front also. I think these knobs and the mck should be tucked into the top side of the guitar and try to make them blend in. I'm not sure if they could put the mck on the back, but the less noticed the better in my book

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Good points - Although those observations belong in the Robot Acoustic thread:





I think the target audience is the typical Variax 700 acoustic buyer


Id prefer the controls to be located here on the side:








Its the 21st century - 60% of the acoustic guitarists I know retune to a new alt tuning every song.


I think Gibson / Tronical has a winner.

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That chorderator is sweet


I don't mind the knobs on the deck, but agree a setup on the side would be more aesthetic. I'm concerned about the quickness of the robot tuning stressing the deck (top) with quick changes in tension and wonder if it's specially braced.

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