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A "Gibson wanna be" Fender


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Thanks, gents!

After I changed the pickups, I expected it to sound similar to

SG Std. But it didn't. It sounds nice but definitely not the Gibson sound...


I don't use the trem, so no need to go for Floyd...

I wish this strat had a hardtail.

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Very cool guitars.

They did a matching Tele as well, what a pair THAT would be!


Remember the Strat O Sonic they did about 5 years ago?


Same thing you have there but with Fender Dove P-90's.

The stacked tone/volume controls were cool as hell.


I decided to build my own, so I built one Strat with the P-90's and one with the Tele Deluxe humbuckers.






Highway One necks on both.



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OBTW I love the color' date=' so why didn't you go with the H/S/S set up?[/quote']

When I bought this mahogany Strat, I wanted to mod it to look like a SG Std.

Plus, I put Super 5 way switch so I still get the single coil sound from both

neck and bridge pickup.


Hey Neo

Those are very beautiful Strats. I especially like the one with P90s.

It's fun to personalize your own guitar, and Strat makes it so easy.

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