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Nostalgic pic-NewGit-and a question....


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Hey everyone ,new guy here. Thought I'd post pics of my new J45R Modern Classic. The nostalgia part of the story is short and sweet. This new 45 was built in 2008 , The shockingly near nude (gym shorts) pic is of me playing my first J45 ...a 1968 build. It took me a mere 40 years to return to the fold. I was 18 in that pic , and now I'm not. My question concerns the pickguard on my new 45. As seems to be the trend , Gibson slapped it on there crooked , covering part of the rosette. I am planning on ordering a Greven J-200 (batwing) . How hard is it to remove the old guard? I have heard of people using a hair dryer to warm the guard and soften the glue, then maybe goo gone for the glue residue? Any imput would be appreciated !





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One beautiful guitar snkysnake! Welcome back to Gibson. I too returned to Gibson just this last summer after 32 years!


The key to removing the pickguard is to be slow and methodical. The hairdryer works great but just don't get the surface of the guitar too hot. Work a section at a time and you'll see it start to peel away.


As to the "Goo Gone"... it works but don't bay the label price for it. All it is is NAPTHA. I buy Ronsonol cheap and use it liberally. Works like stink.


To apply the new pickguard, use thin clear double sided tape.

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