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Chinese Democracy

Tim Plains

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Ok first I would like to say that, I loved Lies, Apitight for destruction, use your illuison. And that old GNR rocks.



The new album is ok, I like it. Definetly has a new feel to it. It has some cool riffs that I like. Its more modern sounding .


But on the other hand it doesnt sound like the GnR im use too (like most people).


It has that "nine inch nail, computerized, synthed-out, techno video game sound" and of course im over exagerating but I hope you get my point.


I think that is what killed it...


I think the plan was flawed when he brought bucket head in..................

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People harp on about how it does sound like the old guns n roses... Why should it..


I think it has a handfull of very good tracks on it!


The rest is rubbish....


Im a die hard fan of the orginal line up with Steven, izzy, slash, duff and Axl.... They were really alive back then..




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