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Ever been to a guitar and gun show?


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I tried to find a way to post on the old thread "Ever been to a guitar show?" and was unable to, so I restarted a new one with a new twist. What I found most interesting was a person who commented about he had been to some guitar shows, but he had been to more gun shows. Well, with that comment in mind it amazes me how much each have in common on the craftsmanship and design aspect, plus that quite a few guitar collectors also collect guns too! Well, the ONE and ONLY show that puts them all together is the Texas Gun And Guitar Show. The next show is coming up March 27, 28 and 29 2009 and there is a great selection of guitars and guns. They have live music and some great bands and tickets are only $5. Saw a great vintage Les Paul gold top at the last show for a pretty good price. :)

I think Gibson should get on board with this show considering the crossover of the two. Check it out at: Texas Gun And Guitar Show dot com.

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This is the cats a$$ !!

Too bad I'm here in the great true north. My kind of show!

Hope Ted Nugent shows up and plays too.

Looks like there is more to Texas than steers and queers.

And btw I have an ex in Texas. She hates my guts. But I could not care less.

Keep on rocking dude: Southern Rock rules!

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Thanks for the cool post! Yeah Nugents just 30 minutes down the road and it is just a matter of time until he shows up!

I can just see him walking out with an arsenal of guns and guitars or coming in with them! Maybe you can make it to the next show in September although it is a bit warmer in Texas right now than in the Great White North!

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Found this on sonicbands.eu


Much to the surprise and apparent horror of many folks, guns and guitars DO

in fact go together. For about 10 years I gunsmithed as a sideline from my

long-time business as a builder and restorer of high-end acoustic guitars,

and had 'Timberline Guns and Guitars' on my business cards. Many folks

reacted in surprise and seemed to think the two were at opposite ends of the

spectrum for some reason, but that isn't so.


Many of the same hand and machine skills required to build instruments are

also required for the building and repair of firearms. Shaping, inletting

and fitting a rifle stock has a lot in common with shaping and fitting

guitar necks. Relief carving on banjo necks is often very similar to that

found on better grade guns. Ditto the engraving on banjo hardware and

firearm receivers. Painstaking attention to detail is a requirement of

both trades. When repairing either, good observation and diagnostic skills

are imperative, and fine motor control is equally required to work on



When I owned a small banjo manufacturing outfit in the mid 70s, a

significant percentage of our customers were also gun enthusiasts, and

several asked us to do relief carvings or fancy checkering on their firearms

after they had seen similar decorative work on our higher end banjos.


Unfortunately a significant number of folks in modern society have been

brought up with an irrational fear of firearms and virtually no

understanding of their proper function. As a result they seem to recoil in

horror at the mere mention of the existence of guns. In spite of the

efforts of such folks, the fact remains that some of the very finest hand

craftsmanship ever seen in the US and elsewhere is to be found on both

firearms and custom musical instruments. Folks with an open mind can

appreciate both without feeling the need to rush to any sort of politically

correct judgement.



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