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Comic book heros and guitars.


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Comic book heros and guitars.



Pick which guitar that superhero would play. (any manufacturer or model or even a made-up model)

Or perhaps super vilan.

Or pick your own list.


Batman = ? Gibson SG Diablo, Manhattan Midnight Blue


Superman = ? Gibson American Map/Flag guitar Red, White, Blue paint


Spider Man = ? Gibson Explorer web red and blue paint job w/dirty fingers pick-ups


Wonder Woman = ? Gibson Goddess gold finish


Wolverine = ? Ibanez RGT320Z Electric Guitar black w/gold racing stripes


The Joker = ? 5 neck electric guitar played by Rick of Cheap Trick


The Penguin = ? Gibson Reverse V black and white paint


Speed Racer (I know, I know; but, I like Speed Racer) = ? 50th Anniversary Gibson V Candy Apple Red paint

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Homz has been pushing me all day on this one and all I can come up with are the cliche' answers. And apparently, I have seen too many episodes of Teen Titans!


So I think Cyborg would play a Robot guitar and Raven would definitely have to have a Black Beauty.


Beyond that, I'm lost............

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