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Difference between J200, SJ200, Historic and Modern Classic?


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Sorry, but I can't seem to find the relevant information on Gibson's (frustratingly slow) website...so I was wondering if anyone could help me with what the differences are between the J200 and the SJ200 and between the SJ200 Historic and the SJ200 Modern Classic....or point me in the right direction to a comparison chart...


I played what was labeled as a Historic SJ200 yesterday but it had a pickup and volume control in the sound hole which I thought might mean it was a Modern Classic... It was $2800 but there are cheaper SJ200's in online stores so I wondered if they were the same or whether the Historic and Modern Classic were very different (I dont' even want to talk about TV as those prices are way out of my league)...


I loved the SJ200 I played yesterday whatever model it was...but it would be great to know the differences...and if I can get a better price...





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