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Love My New 67 SG Spec RI, But What is Wrong With Gibson QC?


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Ok, I got my new 67 SG Spec RI from American Musical Supply yesterday evening and out of the box:


1. The neck P90 pup was in contact with the strings. Once I got the correct string to pup measurements from Gibson this morning, I went to make the adjustment and discovered that the only thing holding the pup on the guitar was the pressure of the strings on it; the adjustment screws weren't screwed into anything.


2. The intonation on half the strings was off and had to be adjusted.


So what is going on with Gibson's quality control? The prepack checklist that came with the guitar was initialed off indicating that everthing including intonation was checked out. There's no way they could have checked the intonation, or ever strummed the strings for that matter, without noticing that the strings were pressing on the pickup.


Other than these setup problems that I fixed this morning, it's a great guitar. This is my 3rd Gibson (I previously owned an SG 61 RI and a Gibson Les Paul Doublecut Plus) and so far the only one that wasn't setup correctly when I received it. So I have to wonder, who was asleep at the switch when this one came off the line?

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