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A good source of mine has tagged Rattleface singer Kevin Jones as the front runner for Velvet Revolver's new frontman. The position was vacated when Scott Weiland announced that he would no longer be a part of the hard rocking band.

Jones, who along with fellow Rattleface members, guitarist Ron Sachs, drummer Dave White, and Jon Wilson on bass, have put out three albums, the most recent being the 2006 release, "Second House on the Left".

Jones is a dynamic singer blessed with a powerful voice and stage presence. He will no doubt be a great fit with Revolver.

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By that logic, I suppose Slash's Snake Pit was G~n~R too.

Hey I wouldn't mind the real Van Halen, or even the Beatles back for that matter. But even if John and George were both alive, it wouldn't be the same. But guess what?

IT CAN'T HAPPEN, and what's more it AIN'T GONNA happen even if it could.


Enjoy G~n~R for what they were, and move forward.


It was 20 years ago. You can't go back no matter how hard you wish it. Youth only comes once.

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