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How much to sell a 1978 LP The Paul???


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Hi all of you.

It's me again asking to anyone who can help me.

I own this 1978 Les Paul The Paul.

I live in Mexico and I would like to sell it in the USA via eBay.

I will go to the USA to ship it, so shipping is lower.


My question:

How much shoul I ask for it?

There are like 3 or 4 on eBay.

The Paul eBay 1

This is one, it's in good shape, some worn on the arm and back, but it's NOT all original. Pickups, knobs, PU frames and PU switch were changed.


The Paul eBay 2

This is another one, it seems to be all original, but the ad states to be 1980's.


This is my Les Paul The Paul, as far as i know it's all original but not in too good shape, some worn mainly front and some on back.


These are my pics




Click there to go to Hi5.com directly to my guitar album.


Hope you can help me.

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