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Kramer Voyager reissue /modification


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Question about your thoughts on Kramer Voyager and the beak headstock. Do you like it? I've always hated the beak headstock and always thought that guitar would have been way better with a Banana/ Explorer/ Ibanez Destroyer headstock. Never understood why Kramer didn't do that. Didn't like the later (85) extreme pointy designs, these were a bit... let's say over the top.

I just can't make myself like that guitar with the beak neck on it. Now with 2014-17 Voyagers practically unavailable (they appeared in very limited quantities, still not listed on the official Kramer website), can this happen and Kramer make yet another reissue? A guitar much in the vein of EVH Ibanez Shark Destroyer or no longer produced EVH Star with much-hated Dano headstock..

With Van Halen releasing EVH Shark without a Floyd, releasing something like that with a Floyd Rose, more accurate headstock, and at a lower price would be huge. EVH has 5150 striped series and Kramer has a cheaper and more accurate the 84. Now EVH has Shark and Kramer... Pictures for references but these are beauties for sure!

EVH Shark, Destroyer headstock, the current Epiphone Explorer head, and the banana headstock. We all know Kramer is owned by Gibson/Epi so both banana and Explorer headstocks are an option...






This can be an answer to EVH Shark, which is a bit over the top (all those turnbuckles), and no longer produced EVH striped series Star guitar, which had the much-hated Dano headstock. With a Floyd Rose, Seymour Ducan pickups, and at a cheaper price, Kramer is gonna win and beat the competition (EVH, Fender, Charvel etc.) Think about it!

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So...recently Tracii Guns  is playing what looks like a newer Kramer Voyager. He says this is currently unreleased and would be sometime in future...

Frist it looks like a Voyager, but its got a pointed headstock & diminishing Kramer Logo, it is also a set neck with the pickup selector on the lower horn.



However, I am leaning towards something like that.  Kramer Voyager with a baretta neck used by Tommy Skeoch of Tesla.



Another example is this the long-forgotten  Arbor Star guitar. Rounded headstock must come with rounded wings. Check this out.  Maybe Gibson/Kramer will release something like that in the future... Fingers crossed.





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