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2014 R9 and 2018 50th '68 LP Custom way too bright

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I own several Les Pauls and cannot figure out why my 2014 R9 and 50th 2018 '68 LP Custom are way too bright. Looking everywhere on the net for a answer. My other Les Pauls have 4 500K pots and have a flatter tone response.  Also own 2 Knaggs ( SSS1 and a SS2 ) with 4 500K pots and they sound very similar. So why do new Les Pauls sound so insanely bright IMO. They are even brighter then my strats and teles.  I have gone through quite a few sets of pickups now and the top end is way too much for my liking.  Moving around the neck I can't stand the string sounds. What is that? 16-20khz its driving me crazy
With as much reading I have done I can see there are a lot of players who love all that top end but its not for me. Its like static crackle. I like chunky tones not muddy, and certainly don't brittle.
OK everything is subjective but come on.  I can tone balance all my other guitars but these 2 newer Les Pauls yikes
Definitely not a new wood vs old wood so lets not go there or turn down the treble or presence on the amp ( why? when all my other 20 guitars are fine ) , modern wiring vs 50s wiring? I am comparing all guitars on 10 so that shouldn't have a impact. There is only 2 things in my mind that could be causing the issue.  Either the volume potentiometers used measure way above 500K or its being cause by the Capacitors somehow. 
There has to be a logical answer for the tonal range to be so extremely different and too have that much more top end. I ordered some RS 280K pots to use for volume to see if that helps but it would be odd considering all my other humbucker guitars use 4 500K  pots

Any ideas?


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Hi Nitocris,

I know this won't help you, but in reality a lot of the 50's Bursts were very bright sounding often almost Telecaster like, from my understanding most modern Les Pauls are quite dark by comparison.

Personally I like bright because you can always tone it down but if it's not there on the guitar that's one sound option that you'll never have available to you. 

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update - OK so since the pickup swaps I went back and redialed my amps. It sounds pretty kicking. So much so I'm going to re-wire my other LP's to 50's style and see how they end up sounding.
FYI the Bare Knuckle Black Dog pick ups I dropped in my R9 really sound amazing. If your into late 60's - 88 classic rock to classic metal tones I would highly recommend the Black Dog picks. They are in your face full up and clean up very well. The SD Antiquity JB/Jazz set installed in my '68 reissue sound really good as well but the bridge pickup doesn't clean up as well as the black dog but good enough for RnR.  I will update after I do the changes on my other Les Paul's. Its still early to say for sure but the tones I got today were pretty kicking


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