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Is this an L48?


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I just bought this guitar - I'm very happy with it as a player - but I would like to know a little more about it. The guy I bought it from thought it was an L30 but I suspect it's an L48. Also he said it was mid-'30's; the coloration and headstock seem correct to this. However the tailpiece...I have never seen (wood) tailpiece on a Gibson before. They were common on war-time Epiphones, so I wonder if it is a replacement. Also I haven't seen black tuners on this model before. So I wondered if anyone has any opinion as to year and model? Thanks.



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2 hours ago, raslo said:

Thanks guys,  when I look at the L50's it seems right.  So I assume it's anearly '40's model? Can't seem to find the difference between an L48 and an L50.



F holes on the L48 are larger or wider. L50 are skinny  or thinner . 

Yours reminds me of 39 ,40s style by the logo   Maybe earlier 

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I had a 1948 L-48 with skinny F-holes similar to the OP's guitar, a truss rod & modern logo.  The top was solid pressed mahogany, the back was solid mahogany & flat with bracing, and the sides were solid mahogany with fabric support strips (essentially the back & sides looked like they came straight from a flat-top).  Have never seen another one like it.

Lots of interesting variations during the '40s.


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