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C. Rice or H. Clinton


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Yeah well I'm going with Palin. That was on the list wasn't it. She is a hottie.




Ok' date=' I'll say Rice cause she can lie with the best of them. Pun intended.[/quote']


If you are going with Palin, then I am going with Palin's oldest daughter.

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Bah! What are they going to do if I dont to either?


Firing line?


Kill me.


Kill my wife and family?


Dont care for the family and as for the wife... Sorry honey' date=' I am only supposed to have sex with you...


WELL THATS WHAT SHE SAID!!!! +:-@ [/quote']


The consequence is that you will be forced to engage in certain illicit acts with Janet Reno.

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This is kind of a stupid post.


It is a transition posts...trying to get people to move beyond the world of political debates to more juvenile topics. It has to be done slowly. Baby steps. Otherwise they will go through withdrawal.

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Clinton would critique your efforts and provide you with a bullet point 'how to' manual for future reference.


I could turn around and say " I did not have sexual relations with that woman" and then I'd stand there and expect him to believe me......



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While I agree with some of you that either of the elder Palin gals would be more tasty, I'm gonna' follow the "rules" and render my decision on the Clinton/Rice debate.


I'm just going to go ahead and say both, at the same time, while filming it all R. Kelly style. I have a thing for powerful women so Clinton's a winner, and Condie's got some legs on her so what the hay...plus, it's pretty obvious both of them could use a good knocking of the boots, and I just have a lot of love to give. Plus I'm a patriot and I think it's best for our country. AND I can stimulate the economy by selling the video.


Jeez, no more energy drinks for me.



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