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A few suggestions on the new Les Paul 50s Standard

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I am sure I am not the first to post this but just in case I am... I have seen many reviews where the pickguard has been removed to reveal a chip in the finish underneath, It is believed to be due to the side screw in the bracket being crooked and causing the guard to sit too low.  Since these are brand new guitars, I wonder if this chipping is caused during the shipping of the guitar. Is it possible that you guys can pre-drill the holes and just ship the pickguard in the case compartment, like has been done in the past? Or at least, just ship the pickguard in the case without mounting it? Also, the strap button on the bottom of the guitar, could that also be pre-drilled and shipped in the compartment? I have not yet heard of anyone specifically having this issue, but I know that it has happened with other guitars, that in the shipping the screw gets jolted and driven deeper into the body than it should be. Just a couple of thoughts, otherwise the guitars look to be pretty awesome. 

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1950's Les Pauls came with pickguards. So did yours. I would much rather have Gibson install the pickguard because when they don't place the pickup surrounds correctly I don't have to raise hell with the dealer or try to modify the guard or drill new pickup surround holes. If you just leave your pickguard alone you will never see the ding on the finish.

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