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6 minutes ago, arcticsg said:

Congratulations!  Happy NGD day! 🙂 

What gorgeous SG!   Bet those P-90s rock   😎


Yes, the P90's are amazing, I never played P90's until I tried this. I usually play Fender single coils and never really liked humbuckers although other people make them sound amazing. These P90's have clarity, definition and at the same time bite and attitude. They zing! 


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Very nice.  Great choice and nice color.  I have a 2007 ‘67 SG Special with P-90s (GOW) that I bought new.  At the time, I had four Gibson’s with humbuckers.  My original plan to buy a single-coil Fender, most likely a Tele.  But after playing the SG and hearing the P-90s, the SG purchase was a no-brainer.  


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On 9/19/2019 at 11:39 AM, Cerb said:

Actually brought this home yesterday but decided to keep it today. I've owned a lot of guitars but this is the first one I ever bought new. I must say it's frikking amazing, I'm floored. Well done Gibson! 




I........ Like it........

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