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Burstbucker 1 and 2 vs. 61R and 61T vs. SD 59

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I have two Gibson Les Paul and both with 57 and 57 + humbucker, one Les paul Traditional and one Les Paul Classic,  I would to replace one set with something different and I was thinking to replace one set  with BB1 +BB2 or 61R +61T or Seymour Duncan 59 set , what do you suggest to buy it?

I play blues, rock, hard rock music


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I'm a big fan of the 61s. I have two Les Pauls, one with 61s, one with Burstbucker Pros. They're about as hot as each other, but the 61s are a bit brighter and a bit smoother. The Burstbucker Pros are a bit harsher, and the neck pickup is considerably darker.

They both have Alnico 5 magnets. As I understand it, the Burstbucker Pros are slightly overwound on the inner slug coils, and the 61s are slightly overwound on the outer screw coils. 61s are identical in winding in the neck and the bridge, and with Burstbucker Pros the bridge pickup is a bit hotter than the neck. I like a hotter neck pickup for those Gary Moore tones.

I haven't tried the Burstbucker 1 & 2 or the Seymour Duncan 59s. Burstbucker 1 & 2 are Alnico II, so they won't be as hot as either of mine - more similar to the 57 Classics. Seymour Duncan 59s are Alnico 5, so they'll be more similar to 61s or Burstbucker Pros.

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