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Archtop Identification help

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Trying to identify this archtop I recently acquired. I looks like a Gibson but has been refinished and painted . The number inside the f hole is  2287 13

there are no other markings that I can see  

the headstock decal was sanded off when it was refinished 




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If that's a Gibson with its original factory order number, it would appear to me to be from 1949, because the batch number (13) is not written in red pencil (see below).  As for the model, you should take measurements of the body, examine the types of wood used in its construction, and check the data against a good reference source.   If you can, also try to determine whether it was originally acoustic or electric.  If you don't have any books, you can look here:  http://guitarhq.com/gibson.html

Whatever it was, it was a budget model, and wouldn't have great value even if it was still in its original state.  Now, it has even less, so I wouldn't worry too much about trying to accurately identify what it was.  Just play it and enjoy it.

Gibson Factory Order Numbers, 1942 to 1951.

    • Serial numbers are seldon found on instruments made during WW2. But most (not all) have Factory Order Numbers (FON). These contain a four digit batch number stamped in ink, followed by a two digit sequence number written in red pencil (during WW2 only). After the war, the red pencil wasn't used (and on instruments made during the war, sometimes it's really hard to see the red penciled sequence number). Usually there is no more than 46 instruments (sequence numbers) per batch. Also no batch number with a "1" as the first digit was used during WW2. The FON is usually located on the neck block. The war-time list that follows is not definative but includes FONs that I have seen. Unfortunately I don't have every range of FON's during this period.
      Year    Factory Order Number 
      ----    --------------------
      1941    G (letter code sometimes seen after FON, i.e. 2586G).
      1942    907, 910, 923, 2004, 2005, 7000ish (i.e. 7119) - all 'Banner' logo.
      1942    H (letter code sometimes seen after FON, i.e. 7116H). Range 5xxxH to 8xxxH
      1943    Range generally 9xx to 22xx, depending on the model.
      1944    Range generally 22xx to 29XX, depending on the model, some with no FON.
      1945    1xx to 10xx, but many with no FON.
      1946    n/a ('Banner' logo no longer used, now script logo with no banner).
      1947    700s to 1000s
      1948    1100s to 3700s ('Script' logo no longer used, block logo used.)
      1949    2000s
      1950    3000s to 5000s
      1951    6000s to 9000s

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