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Man I just got some bad news...


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My brother in-law owns a condo where there's probably another 20/25 units in the building.

There was an explosion on the 3rd floor about 5:30 yesterday.  His unit is on the 1st floor. The place quickly turned into an inferno.  I don't think any one was killed, my bro and his fam got out.

But it looks like a total loss for the building.  The roof collapsed over night, so for sure, the top floors are probably toast, but the water and smoke damage is most likely everywhere..  They can't even get in there yet to see what can be salvaged.  He's bass player, and I don't think he got his gear out.  


news article here:  https://whdh.com/news/firefighters-rescue-residents-from-massive-blaze-at-apartment-building-in-fitchburg/



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Terrible news, KB, but as has been said by the others at least your brother-in-law and his family and, it seems according to the article, everyone else was evacuated safely.

Thanks-be for the firefighters' unquestioning bravery and my best wishes going out to you and yours.


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thanks for the sentiments guys but.   it was reported a while ago, one person is unaccounted for.  it's possible that was the unit the explosion was in.  so there may be one fatality.


And pip's right.. if not for the firefighters, police and first responders, the world would be a much less safer place.


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