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Song Association Game


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this version dumb' date=' i hate >:[

the origional is better.[/quote']


It's OK to prefer the original thread.


Some people prefer this one.


If you don't like it here (and since all your posts here have been very negative) why don't you just stay away and let the rest of us enjoy it without your juvenile interjections?


To come here only to disparage the thread is very rude and, since you are clearly not an infant any longer, you should know better.


This thread, by the way, isn't dumb.


On the evidence of your actions perhaps you are.

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BTW, this is different, not a replacement for the other song game. The other game relies on a word in the song title. This one gives us a chance to be creative with associations with either the song title or the artist. Some of the associations that other people come up with take my brain a few seconds to figure out, and then I'm rewarded with a big internal grin. Personally I think that is the reward in this game.


Which is better? I don't know, I like them both.



Chantilly Lace - The Big Bopper.

Satin Sheets - Jeanne Pruett

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