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This is how a Bird Sang to me!


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Back in the beginning of the year I went to a friend's house to get some tips on improving my guitar playing skills (or lack thereof) . I had just purchased my first nice Martin which was a DC-18e Ambertone - gorgeous and sounded really really nice to my ears. When I arrived at his house he had two Gibson guitars next to each other on his living room - a Bird and a J200. I took my guitar out, he played mine, I tried his very carefully (after a few drinks I was not comfortable handling his expensive guitars, so really didn't get to play...)...he really liked my DC-18e...the thing is from that day on the sound of the Hummingbird stuck with me. Not that the D-18 was bad compared by any means, it was just different and good on its own way, but different and I really liked the sound of the Bird AND the D-18.  

Fast forward a few months I went to a graduation party and my friend was playing his Bird again, that just drove me crazy on a path of no return - reading reviews, watching videos, thinking about it at night, the sound was really haunting me....so after extensive research, price checks....finally I gave in and ordered mine.

This year I have bought and sold numerous guitars. This is probably the guitar I have been most excited about getting my hands on...the days are long, the nights I few guilty as I lay next to my beautiful wife, and my thoughts are on UPS man coming through my driveway to deliver the Hummingbird... Apprehension that my expectations will be satisfied....will my search for the Bird sound come to a happy end? Well, a few more days and I will find out....I am here my friends, reading your experiences to help the time go by faster!!!

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Sounds as if you really caught a severe case of Bird-flu here in 19. And took the unavoidable cure. Great ^

Hope the Gibson will live up to your dreams and expectations.

I have a good deal of experience with both vintage and contemporary hog squares and they are highly different by nature.  Not only talking  old vs new, but same era exes too. 

Let us hear what you feel'n'think when it flies in. It's so exciting to wait, , , and open the case after that hour it needs to acclimatize.

Bringing a Bird home is a big thing - getting the right one is huuuge. . . 

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