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1963 Gibson Thin line es-120t


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Hey Gibson forum! Just trying to do some research on a friends guitar and I need some help. I believe this to be a 1963 Gibson thin line es-120t but I cant find one with this white pickguard. I know they are prone to cracking and I'm wondering if someone just replaced the original black with a white off of an Epiphone Granada or something? Any ideas on which model this is would be helpful, its a 108XXX serial number which should date it between '63-'67.. Thanks!





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That's the stock pickguard for the Epiphone Granada, which is a Kalamazoo-made clone to the ES-120.

It's possible that Gibson borrowed from Epi parts when the guitar was built, or someone replaced it later, or it was special ordered that way.

If I recall correctly, there's only one F-hole on the instrument, and an access cutout under the pickguard.  

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I think that it may be an original, in the 50's and 60's there was a whole slue of aftermarket pick guards loaded with pickups. Most of these had components that set above the guitar top. There was Schaller, De'Armond, and many others including McCarty Gibson that built many variations. This one, on the OP's, is mounted on the surface, meaning they had to allow for the components on the back of the pickguard to match holes in the guitar top.

So basically I think it is very possible it was built that way at Gibson. 

Some McCarty Gibson Archtop styles.



In the 50's and 60's Gibsons were not sacred cows, but were modded to get what ever the player needed out of them. A famous player could incite a signature model.

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