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Apparently Gibson didn't learn the first time


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Are those actives? Yes

and what pups are in the Vandenburg? Custom wound DiMarzios

And which sounds better? Different not better

And what do all those switches do? Pickups / on /off any combination

And no I am out of questions....



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While a locking nut makes life easier I don't have a problem on using the Kahler on the Shred X and it stays perfectly in tune. But it does require that I use liquid graphite on the rollers I also add some to the nut. I find when I use Slick Nutz it stays. While granted the Ibanez guitars I have don't require this step its no big deal plus Slick Nutz works also after drying. The other point is the Kahler has to be properly adjusted you can't assume that it is plus if their is a spring problem it can be replaced with a different spring.

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Oh yeah they all have lockers. Leave them loose and they work too...


hold me oilstud ...

Really? I've been pounding on this Kahler Spyder for 20 years (come August)' date=' and if the Nut's not locked down tight it slips out of tune with regular Bending, let alone when I dive bomb the trem.



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