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This guy wants 20 Thousand Dollars.

Here is a photo of Eric Clapton's Gibson ES-335

At the Eric Clapton Crossroads Auction in 2004. GC PAIDED 847,500.00. Then Gibson and GC got together and produced 250 Replica's of Slow hands original, of the 250 replica's 175 were only sold at GC. Those were sold out in 3 days at 12,000.00 each.


I think it looks right but when you see **** for sale with far-a-way and unclear shots of the Headstock. Man I don't know. If I was getting it and walking in with about 20,000 large, I'd be packing with back-up. Got to think at least the possibility of a Idiot trying to rip off someone. A lot of **** happening on Craigslist Lately.

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