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Natural Topped Hummingbird True Vintage


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This is a cross post as I mentioned it in the Sheryl Crow Country and Western thread, but I wanted to share this natural topped 2010 Hummingbird True Vintage that went up for sale at Dave's yesterday.  Unfortunately, it sold in the first 24 hours after posting.   I didn't know a natural topped version even existed as I've only seen the burst version.   What a stunning guitar, IMO.  I have lusted after a TV for years, and actually called about this one yesterday, but I didn't purchase it because I didn't want my wife to castrate me.  I got back on their site this morning thinking about buying it anyway, but it was already sold.  I hope someone here was able to snag it!

Dave's Posting




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Just as we went sleepwalking around the thought that this version never existed, Bozeman took us by surprise again - almost 10 years ago !

Some curve traffic where the trumpet-flower tops the white-ring rosette, but no issue really. 

Another extremely rare Bird - yet I prefer the faded cherry toffee brown masterpiece we know so well. 

But hep for the exception - that too may end up almost orange one day.

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Very interesting guitar. Out of all the TV's that I've been able to get my hands on the real standouts to my ear have all been sitka-topped. But those have all come from the early runs (2007, 2008).  I don't mention this to add to your disappointment and will note that as nice as that top looks I prefer the cherryburst on the Hummingbirds even though  I'm not a big cherryburst fan.  Not sure how to explain it but some models just don't look right to me without the 'burst such as the J-45 and the Advanced Jumbo. When it comes to a guitar like the J200 on the other hand I find myself torn between the natural top and the 'burst.

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