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My 60th anniversary 1959 LP- Les Paul MODEL lettering


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picked up a 60th anniversary R9 on monday this week. Noticed a somethings that I have questions about. Mainly the "Les Paul MODEL" lettering on the headstock below the Gibson inlay. Now I have a 2018 R6 and a 2014 Traditional, the lettering on these two are both the yellow/gold that im used to. But my R9 lettering is almost white/silver.

I went to another shop and they had 2 60th anniversary R9s on their wall. One had the lettering that was gold/yellow and the other was like mine, white/silver. 

My question is is there a reason for this? why is some lettering gold and others silver? should i be worried about authenticity? The shop I got it from deals alot with gibson and the custom shop...

Pics below- the sincle headstock if the R9, the one with two headstocks is the R6 on the left and the R9 on the right.



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I think it may depend on what finish the guitar is.  Looking at the Gibson website there on 10 finishes available for the Custom Shop 60th anniversary guitar and if you click on the different finishes, the lettering seems to be whiter on some of them, and the gold on others.  Do you recall the two you saw in the shop that were different, did they have different body finishes?

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