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Beautiful 1961 Hummingbird

Holiday Hoser

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Cool Bird, Lemmo is a great player but I have to say I miss Agnesi's demos. I agree with duluthdan about the open tuning thing a bit like demoing guitars with a capo I've never understood that either.

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The talented guy seems to use the old Bird test as as window for his personal skills and deeds. I hear a fine guitar, but also an artist in some sort of pr-action.

Let the Gibson be the star - play conventional styles and tunes. 

Well, I know some of my own old tests were quite frantic (and yes a half step down, which may have annoyed some listeners), but at least they went through the standard styles :  Finger- and flat-picking, strumming etc. 

Anyway, , , back on the horse, young man - let's hear Where Have All The Flowers Gone,  Black Magic Woman, Angie, , , , , and Angi. .



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