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I don't own one, but I know of a few people who own them and say they are fine guitars. I can't remember if they have the balsa wood in them as well or not, if they do, then they would sound at least slightly different from your normal Customs, but the owners have all said they sound great. I will have to grab a book and see what they had for wood.

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I got one :)

It's a great guitar, I have also 2 other "normal" custom and it sounds nearly the same.


Raptor u talk about studio lite which are different. The Custom Lite have a slimest body while the studio have anormal one with chromyte insert (kind of balsa)


Here is mine:



As u could see maple top is as deep as on the normal custom, it's just less mahogany at the back, + it is very ergonomic with the stomach cut and u could run to the latest frets with no problems cause of the low thickness of the body.



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