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2019... Future of Deckadance?

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Deckadance, originally developed by Arguru and later, following his death in a fatal traffic accident, by Luis Serrano (a.k.a. L.S.D.), was initially created under the direction of Image-Line and later bought by Gibson/Stanton DJ. The software showed promise and is very capable and innovative compared to the other more popular alternatives, particularly because it features scriptable controller mappings and VST plug-in hosting, as well as parallel waveforms that zoom out all the way. Sadly, the software hasn't seen any updates since 3 June 2017 following Gibson's recent financial troubles though Luis has continued to support customers through the forums until 30 September 2019 when he officially announced his departure from the company (link to Luis Serrano's post).

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Seeing how little love the software has received from Gibson over the past two years, and considering Luis was the sole developer of the software, the future of Deckadance is uncertain and, frankly, looking rather gloomy.

I feel Gibson have neglected the product and I invite anyone who uses it or cares to email Stanton DJ support, or reply to this thread, to urge Gibson to open-source the software should they decide to discontinue it. Thanks!

(I've duplicated this on Reddit in case it gets locked)

PS: It would be nice of Gibson if they could chime in, thanks!

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