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1980 Les Paul Deluxe


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Hey all! I just got a great deal on a 1980 Les Paul Deluxe in an online government auction. According to the serial, it was made in October 1980. I'm not sure what kind of pickups are in it, but I'm guessing they're non-original (my research suggests they could possibly be SD Hot Rails?). It also seems to have three switches near the volume and tone knobs (no idea what they're for). It has a Kahler tremolo, which I believe is probably after-market too. Unfortunately I haven't had the opportunity to actually play it before purchase, but it looks like it's in decent shape, so fingers crossed (...I know, I know, but the price was too good). I'm curious if anyone else might be able to decipher a little more about it from these photos?

I'm mainly interested in knowing what the pickups are, and what those switches are for. But I'd also love to know what the general consensus is on 1980 LP Deluxes, and what it might be worth. Any help would be much appreciated.

Cheers! 🙂


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It's not I a phishing attempt it's a legit post. I would post the pics but I use my FB page to post mine...

It's a Deluxe as he describes that's been heavily modified. It's not much different from the 75 Deluxe we discussed earlier. I think the OP is correct on the Duncan pups, there has been no routing job on the body. Only thing is there are drill holes with switches  around the knobs. It looks well played. IMHO, I would not pay more than 2k for it. I will let Pip explain the popularity of the Deluxes of that era

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1 hour ago, pippy said:

Well, truth be told, I'm a bit lost for words.

Congratulations! I sincerely hope you will love your new (old) guitar and I wish you many long years together!

Can't really throw any light on the mods nor think of anything else to say.


Thanks Pip. 🙂

47 minutes ago, Big Bill said:

Did you purchase the guitar Kroc?

I sure did. I actually just went and picked it up today. It's in pretty decent condition, and sounds great. The pickups and their wiring are a little strange - the treble circuit is way quieter than the rhythm circuit, almost like a telephone effect. And I'm not sure what the switches are doing exactly, but it almost seems like it's set up to use them on the rhythm circuit to dial in more or less treble. Also gotta figure out how the Kahler bridge works. Appreciate the feedback!

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7 minutes ago, 'Scales said:


Your Government is way cooler than mine!

Without getting too deep into politics, I can guarantee that that isn't true. 😛#OrangeMenace
And it was a seizure auction, so I feel bad for whoever had their wonderful instruments taken. But at least I can give this one a new home where it will be played and enjoyed!

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