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Need help identifying a guitar


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This is probably an easy one. I remember seeing pictures of them before, but for the life of me, can't recall what model it was. I don't have any pictures of the guitar in question, but here's a description of it:


Les Paul body style (appeared to be the same size and shape anyway).

Hollow or semi-hollowbody

Single P90 (aluminum/chrome cover) in the neck

One volume and one tone control

Stop tailpiece (I'm leaning towards semi-hollowbody because of that)


I went to a show last night and the girl that opened up (Kate Maki from Toronto) was playing one. I didn't get a chance to talk to her afterwards about the guitar, so I never found out. It's been bugging me ever since.


That's all I can remember right now, because she had to stand most of the night with her guitar sideways to the crowd, because of a lot of hum happening everytime she turned it towards the front.


Thanks for any info someone can provide.


Mark Currie

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If it's the one in the link, I think it's an ES-140T -- the smaller, short-scale version.


According to "Gibson Electrics: The Classic Years", they were made from 1956-65, mostly with black P-90s but with the chrome pickup cover between '63-65 (Gibson only made about 75 of them in each of those years).


Cool looking little guitar.

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I wasn't entirely sure what to search for at first. Thanks for the info. That would be the girl in question and the guitar she was playing and her little tweed amp in behind her. The only other pictures I could find of her and the guitar were just of the headstock. Not sure why that one showed up in my searches.


Anyway, thanks again for the info. And yeah, it is a very cool little guitar.


Mark Currie

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