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What is the difference between a TS9 and a TS808 tube screamer?


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There is a significant price difference and I am sure they use different chips but, do they sound that different?


Is the TS808 made with higher quality components or the price is just based on the fact that a lot of famous guitarrists have used it?

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The difference between the TS9 and TS808 is 799.


I'm sorry. I couldn't help myself. I'll go flog myself as atonement.


I owned one of those holy grail Tube Screamers back in the 80s, probably paid $25 used. Wish I had it now, cripes, they're collectors items.

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From what I was told the TS808 is designed more for tube amp use

and the TS9 is more for solid state amps.

Dont know how true it is, just what I heard.


There is only a few component value changes needed to make a TS9 into an

808. If you wanted and 808 and are handy with a soldering iron you could

save a few bucks and mod it yourself.

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