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1957 J-50


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This 1957 J-50 traveled the world with the front band for the Smothers Brothers.  Replaced the adjustable bridge with a fixed bridge, neck reset, all new frets, added a K&K.  Includes the original Lifton case.  I will try to sell this locally near Aspen, Colorado for $5,000.  Does that price seem reasonable?  

The progression of my MS is making it more and more difficult to play, and so it only makes sense to downsize my little rack of guitars a bit.

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Sorry to hear that physical limits are starting to get in the way of things. 

These mid/late 50's slope-J's (J-45, J-50, SJ, CW) are often great all-around guitars. They tend to be dry and direct, without a lot of sustain but with good projection. Not sure if it's  the straight tapered-end bracing (rather than scalloped) that makes them sound different from  late 40's/early 50's slope-J's with scalloped bracing, but there is a subtle difference, despite the very strong family resemblance.

Here's a good demo from Toby Walker on one that is perfectly suited to his playing style, which I love:

1956 J-50

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I recently ran my '57 J50 on Reverb (original but for string pins and tuner buttons), no cracks, neck hasn't been reset nor need it. I didn't have the original Lifton case but offered it with a Gibson T.V. , luggage style, case. In the couple months of it running, the best offer I got was $3800. I didn't need to sell it, was just in a mood to, so I kept it.

I hope it works out well for you Dan. Sorry to hear of the M.S. progression.


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