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I had an "issue" with the A note buzzing. Posted here for help and was able to address the problem. At the same time I sent Gibson a message, they replied asking to take to an authorized repair center....I replied saying the nearest one was over an hour from me (which I actually called and never received a call back)...immediately they replied asking for my address and copy of the receipt. I sent to them, received an email within 24hours with a shipping label. That is what to expect when you spend money on a company and they CARE!

Will I continue buying Gibsons? Heck yeah, they value me as a customer AFTER SALES!

Note: I sent them a message sating I was not going to ship back the guitar, the issue was addressed. BUT I was really appreciative and impressed with the quality of their support!


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They offered the same for a new purchase of mine two or three years back- I thanked them for their offer, but ultimately decided it was not worth the risk of shipping across the country two times, and since it was a minor semi-cosmetic issue (there was some chipping along the edge of the fret board that would catch on the hand), I ended up lightly sanding and buffing the area out and never looked back.

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