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Are the Epiphone Lucilles pickups weak?


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I was at the music store trying out the Boss CE-2 Wazacraft, and a EHX Small Clone.
I played them with a Gibson Les Paul Tribute and then the Epiphone Lucille.

When I played the Les Paul, all of the effects sounds and things came thru clear and strong, but when I played the Lucille, the effect sounds were hard to notice.

Could this be because of the type of the pickups in the Les Paul and Lucille?

If I bought the Lucille and changed out the pickups, would that help with better tone and sound?

Now I am leaning towards the Les Paul Tribute but I do not like the dull finish and boring look without the binding and the feel of the neck.

I do want a semi hollow and I like the Lucille.
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How old is the Lucille?  Epi pickups from 15 or so years ago are not as good as they in  the last 6 to 8 years  I don't know if the Lucille is still in production,   I could check but, that's something you can easily do.   On the other hand..  Why not take a look at the Sheraton Pro IIs.   Pro Bucker pickups are good, and the over all hardware much improved to the Pre Pro II models   no need IMO to change ANYTHING....

I had a mid 90s Sherry  sold it eventually,, pickups flat out sucked.  I bought another one in 2015 and ...  MUCH better.. I'll be hanging on to this one...



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