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How to identify model and year of 1938-41 acoustic


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I have an old acoustic Gibson that has been in my family since new, the story I was told that it is probably a 1939 as my great uncle bought it before ww2,  the guitar had been past down to me from my grandfather. The only marks I can see through the sound hole inside are stamps that I believe the first is maybe an (8), then clearly see a (25a), followed by red ink pen handwriting with (26-). I’ve had it a few years I’m just hoping to find out what model and year it is. If anybody has any info I’d appreciate it,  thanks



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Yes, it looks a  bit like my 1935 Gibson Black Special #4....

Sketchy details around the internet if you search. ie:


But mine is basically a Gibson L50 with a flat back (great for acoustic blues, I have been told) and painted black - most were handed to Gibson dealers, I was also told.

Mine has a big V neck that is identical almost to my necks on my Waterloo WL-14s and I had a Schatten Bridge pickup exchanged for the original bridge  (still in the case).:













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