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Appraising a Gibson Acoustic (With Photos)


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Hi all, I want to sell a Gibson Acoustic, looks to be vintage but I don't know how to determine the year or make or how much it's worth. I had it set up and it is in prime condition, never had any cracks or dings. Once this post shows up I will post some photos. 

Thanks very much

EDIT: Some photos; couldn't find a serial number.








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It looks like a 1962-66 Gibson LG-0.  Mahogany solid top.  Mahagony sides and back.  Have never heard definitively if the back and sides were solid or laminated.  (I have a 1965 Epiphone FT30 Caballero, Epiphone’s equivalent from Gibson’s Kalamazoo,Michigan and  still do not know if it’s sides are solid or lam.  It may not matter on a concert size guitar.)

The Gibson LG-0 was a student model when it was manufactured as was its higher valued brothers, the LG-1,the LG-2, the LG-3.

The LG-0 and LG-1 were ladder braced.  (The LG-1 had a solid spruce top.)  The LG-2 and 3 were X braced.   The LG-2 and LG-3 were later called the B-25 andB-25N.

The LG-0 stayed in production until about the early 70s, I think.  There’s no way I can really tell what year yours is without its serial number (from the back of the headstock) so I am just guessing it’s year. Although, I think the model went through some headstock and neck angle changes during its production years.

In my estimation a LG-0 in mint original condition would go for at very best about $700 if it was totally original and pristine.   Early and mid-60s ones had plastic bridges, most of which were replaced by owners and that would not decrease the instrument from its original condition price as the plastic bridge just wasn’t very good to begin with.

Yours has either a replacement bridge as it does not appear to be plastic or it was made after Gibson got rid of the plastic bridge experiment.

But, yours is missing its original white plastic tuners and is missing it’s pickguard.  And, it might even be missing its serial number unless you just didn’t notice it or it’s become worn to not be readable.  I would estimate your guitar’s value is only in the $300 to $350 range as a result...mainly because there are so many out in the market that are fully original equipment (with original tuners and pickguard) as well as with a serial number.

Most original equipment LG-0s can be had for about $400-$500. Maybe $600.  The $700 example is a perfect one (to the right buyer.)

Perhaps others can add more insight  or discuss more.

Hope this helps.

QM aka  “Jazzman” Jeff







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FYI. I just looked at the back of the headstock photo in a darkened room on my iPhone, and I was able to make out the first two digits of the serial number as 21 something. According to Gruhn’s book on vintage guitars, Gibson serial numbers beginning with 21 during 1960’s wold make your LG-0 a guitar made in 1964.

Hope this helps.

 QM aka “Jazzman” Jeff

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