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Happened to get the guitar at a reasonable affordable price but found the Firebird X Visionaries Club forum down.  Any idea where to get the softwares and update the guitar/accessories firmware?

I think it is really an interesting guitar.  Hybrid of Tech and Gibson traditional made.  Henry was too way advance unfortunately.

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I'm hoping the affordable price was $0! There was a video and news story just a few weeks ago about Gibson just junking their inventory of these Guitars.




Judging from that, I'm not sure if Gibson still supports the guitar, may want to reach out to their customer service directly.

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Keyboards with built-in effects have been around for many years and are now adopting tablets for bigger screen control.  I believe electric guitar with built-in effects will be next.  It's just a matter of what is the right price for the market.


Going back to the original intention of this message, I found the software.  In case someone needs them:  http://legacy.gibson.com/Products/Electric-Guitars/Firebird/Gibson-USA/Firebird-X.aspx

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24 minutes ago, deeman said:

I think it's a neat idea but guitar players are weird people...we don't like anything digital built into guitar and we don't like solid state amps. We want tubes and huge pedal boards full of analog pedals. 🙂


Which we then cram into our disk drive-less cloud storage tablet, apply 47 different Analog Plug-ins, move out of tablet to mix in an all analog environment, and then digitize back into the computer machine in order to squish it into digital distribution to be listened to on $10,000 worth of all tube analog equipment or .75" Surround Sound Digital Dolby Real Feel earbuds.

Man it's a weird fukkin world!


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Speaking of on board effects;

I owned a Gibson Les Paul Sully Erna Signature model for a couple of years. 

It had a single pickup in the bridge position, a Kill Switch, and (when you pulled the Tone Knob up in the Z axis) it featured an on board flanger effect. 

Great guitar, but too much of a one-trick pony sonic-ally, the digital flanger aside. 
I sold it last year. 


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