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Gibson 59 60th abr-1 saddle screws issues


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Ive recently purchased a gibson 1959 60th and upon changing strings and intonating, i noticed that the saddle screws are all bent and it would lift the saddle up upon adjusting. Anybody experienced this? 


1. Where can i source some accurate spec screws as replacement 

2 . Ive also noticed they are different in appearance from the 2016 r9 and am wondering which one is more accurate 

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That is an odd problem I have not heard of before.  Suggest taking pictures of the guitar (with serial number) and then a shot with the saddles out and the bent screws and send those to Gibson.  To avoid having to ship the guitar back to them etc. they might just send you a set of screws?

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I did the intonation on my 60th the other day and yes, when you adjust the saddle screws, the adjustment screws do come out of the bridge's grooves intended to hold the screw in position.  My screw wasn't bent, but I did have to do some work to get it to settle back down VERY CAREFULLY!  I.e. don't take a screwdriver and smash it down in the groove because you WILL bend the screw doing that.  I finaggled it a little bit by slightly twisting the saddle screw while applying pressure with my finger over the bridge groove to settle the screw back down.  Took some work - more than I thought - but I felt this was a safe procedure.  That VOS stuff seems to make this happen I imagine (artificial aging), but no worries, once it settles back down, life is good and back to playing. 

FYI, these R9 60th Anniversaries are KILLER GUITARS!!!  I never thought I would have such a sweet LP in my lifetime. 

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