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On 11/1/2019 at 7:32 AM, j45nick said:

"Historical accuracy" and "vintage specs" for Gibson are moving targets. My 100% original "new" 1950 J-45 has the pins centered just under 3/8" (actually 9mm) forward of the back edge of the bridge.


Spot on Brother.  Gibson tends to use features from a number of back catalogs and then throw in a few modern twists.  What I always wish Gibson had done though is to keep the rather generous string spread at the bridge you found on guitars built into the 1930s.  With fingerpicking it really comes into play.   While it is not a lot to base any generalizations about any changes,  I much prefer the wider string spacing on my  1932 L1 to the skimpier spread on my 1942 J50.

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9 hours ago, Salfromchatham said:

Nice to see the seller included that original cali girl case.  No pickup ?  Ok, but if you do, make it a Trance.  

I have a 2009 J45 TV - its not going anywhere.  Its just a joy to play and has such a variety of tone that can be coaxed out of it that it just fits everything I do.  The neck on the 2009 is an almost full profile "C". Not as full as my '50s J50 - but not at all what I would call slim, or thin top to bottom.  So, shallower "C" maybe?  Yours looks to be rather "minty".  Time to take it on the road and let it take on a bit more character and mojo.  I'll keep the light on for ya.   


No strap buttons. No pickup. I am thinking it stays this way.

Anyone else own a J45-TV from the same time period? How would you describe the neck? 



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Again - very nice Sal.  I understand going w/o a p'up, but I feel the strap button is essential.  I play standing up mostly (driven by body issues) and not a fan at all of having the strap wrap around the head stock - makes me feel like a troubadour.   Regardless - play on my friend, hope to hear some of your magic in the near future.

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