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ES-339 / Modern Rounded C Neck


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Dear Gibson aficionados,

I consider the purchase of an ES-339.

I have rather small hands; and the slim taper neck of my SG Standard - for example - fits me very well.

I thoroughly checked out a friends (2008) ES-339, the version with the "59" neck. I love this guitar, but the "59" neck is clearly too thick for me.

My question is: regarding shape and thickness - with which neck is the recent production (2019) “Rounded C” more comparable: the (2008) "59" or  the (2008) “30/60”? Taking in account that I like the SG neck, do you think it is likely that I can get along with the modern “Rounded C” as well? 

A second question to the insiders among you: do you expect that the old “30/60” ES-339 neck will become available again anytime soon? Might it be worth to wait?  Your advice is much appreciated.

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I have an ‘09 ES-339 and a ‘10 ES-330L with the 30/60 neck, and it’s my favorite profile on an electric.  But I also have a ‘12 LP Special that has virtually the same profile - without being speced as a 30/60.  Clearly, there are other Gibson’s out there with very similar profiles.

I think if you can  find & play a guitar with the 30/60 profile, the feel of it will stay locked in your mind as you assess other instruments.  If you are looking to buy an instrument online, be sure you have full return rights rather than taking a total leap of faith based on the sellers descriptors.

Best of luck in your search!

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I like the Gibson 60's slim necks. It feels easier to get around on such a neck. I don't understand why some people love the Gibson fat necks. To me it means wrist strain after playing for 4 hours. But it comes down to whatever a person likes and whatever feels good to play. That's the bottom line. Play it. If you love it, buy it... if you can afford it.   I wouldn't hold out for the perfect guitar (then again if your funds are limited, I understand waiting). You may be playing the perfect guitar right now !  Thorne

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