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aj-220sce vs aj-210ce

Igor Kurenkov

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I tried the aj-220sce in a music store and i love it. aj-210ce looks similar.
Would you please tell the difference between the models?
aj-210ce seems to be the next iteration of aj-220sce but i couldn't find the info on what's changed.
Cheaper or better parts? May be, some improvements to the build?

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missed a letter in the model name
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Hopefully, someone can find you a specific answer.  Or, perhaps try calling Epiphone’s Customer Service in Nashville.  Realistically, though, the Gibson Company who makes the Epiphone brand has always had a history of unexplainable model name change nuances with its model names.  The one you describe may align to this history.  For example no seems ever to be able to explain why Gibson’s high end model, it’s J-200 is sometimes called the SJ-200 in its history.  Or why sometimes the word Deluxe is added to a model name when it has been no different than the mod without Deluxe after it.  Or, why the Gibson SJ had a natural finish counterpart called the Gibson Country Western rather than simply a SJ with a natural finish.  Or, why the Gibson LG2’a name changed to the B25, but the LG0 remained named the LGO with no B name.  I think you get the idea.

you may never learn the difference in the model names you mention.  Unless, someone actually knows in this particular situation and tells us all.

Welcome to the forum!  And, the interesting world of these great guitars.

QM aka “Jazzman” Jeff




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Igor, the difference is in the top wood. The 220 has a solid sitka spruce top with laminated sides....while the 210 is all laminated including the top. Solid sounds sweeter but are more costly...laminated is much more sturdy and cost less. Solid wood always cost more, so reflects in the price. The 210 comes with a case which likely can be part of it because the top is cheaper. I think both guitars are great sounding and very good deals.  There may also be an upgrade in electronics. But both should work with an amp. Hope this helps!

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