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James Noel

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Hello all, just wondering if anyone had any info as far as "ghost built gibsons" in early 2000s, looking at a "2003 custom shop LP" Which is supposedly a ghost built guitar with piezo bridge and one off color.  Also being offered a 1990 custom firebird. Or any one of a number of hamers. Prices are claimed to be 3000 to 3500 Ideas? Opinions? New with Gibson's and nervous trading without any opinions. Guy seems legit and has a **** ton of gorgeous guitars. Thanks in advance!






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I have heard of ghost builds but even the 'insider knowledge' such as you have quoted is still no more than hearsay. 

It remains hearsay until you have some provenance to substantiate such claims. If the seller/dealer can supply this then you have something to talk about. Otherwise its just another guitar with another price tag on it.

You can always take the serial number and ask Gibson about it. They will likely be able to confirm the model, year of manufacture etc. at least. its what I would do.

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On ‎11‎/‎9‎/‎2019 at 6:34 AM, Twang Gang said:

No offense, but ghost or not, that is one ugly looking Les Paul.  The pale green body with black knobs, maple board and black headstock - nothing seems to fit together.  Oh well to each his own.  Never heard of "ghost" builds before so can't offer any advice on values.

@Twang Gang Please remember this site is for sharing information, not personal judgments.  Telling someone their guitar is ugly is like judging someone's choice of wife.  Guitars are made in all sorts of sizes and colors for a reason.  Yes, some colors and model years are more popular, but your personal opinion of someone's gear should stay just... kept to yourself as your personal opinion.  The original poster @James Noel didn't ask our opinion on the color or whether we licked it or not, he asked if we knew anything about "ghosted guitars", which in your own words, you stated you did not.  Hence, you should not have posted anything at all.  In addition, you see he is also a newbie.  Comments like yours, a seven veteran on this site, are not going to make new members feel welcome or encouraged to post more.  Just something to about. 

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No I don't think Twang has said anything wrong or offensive.   We've always been able to share our opinions on guitars frankly but politely here.  

If I understand the post, the OP is being offered the guitar and some others, so I don't think it's his....yet. [smile]

It looks like the finish is the same colour as the machine head knobs maybe?   Olive green?  I'm not that keen on the colour either though I like the fact that the pickup surrounds and pokerchip are sparkly like the scratchplate.   If the finish was sparkly red, blue or.....:-k   and how about the maple board?   However that and the inclusion of a piezo make it pretty unique - I hadn't heard of "ghost builds" either, but by definition that should give it some provenance - must have been built for someone. .  I'd like a go on it - give it a good workout.

OTOH the guitar with it in the 2nd pic (a Firebird of some sort) looks the business to me. 

As for the Hamers, buy 2 if you can.  The maple board one in the 1st pic looks very interesting - scalloped! 3-octaves! - and in the 2nd pic  I'd have 'em all but the one on the right with the rosewood board and triple-bucker....that one. Yessssss!

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