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parent to new Les Paul recipient

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17 hours ago, D Big Daddy M said:

My other background is shooting and I am squarely in the camp of "oil is oil" for my firearms.  Not knowing guitars, I was a tiny bit afraid of ruining a finish or something on my son's guitar.  Lemon oil at home Depot is cheap so I got him some.

Big Daddy,,  Just a word of caution here... 

Be mindful  of  what kind of products you are using for hydrating the wood on the fret-board.

 You don't want anything with additives or alcohols in it.

Your BEST bet for fret-board conditioning is to use products designed specifically for this use

here's a few suggestions

  • Gerlitz Guitar Honey
  • Nomad F1 oil

I've used both for some time now.  Good products for this application.  Also be mindful of the frequency this is done.  No need to do this more than twice a year.   Rosewood, while fairly porous, is also very stable.  Too much oil will seep into fret slots and disrupt the glues that secure the frets to the finger board.


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On 12/14/2019 at 10:21 PM, D Big Daddy M said:

TY for that advice.  I took it to Gruhn Guitars in Nashville and they oiled it for me.  They suggested Lemon oil

lemon oil is fine, I'd just be sure it was "pure"... 

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So,thank you all for the help.  He loved his new guitars.  He was nearly equally excited to have a Marshall amp.  He has not stopped playing them.  Played them all day Christmas and continued through our extended family Christmas on Christmas night. 

Fun to see him playing and getting started with his guitars.

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Make sure it's lemon oil for guitars. If you were to squeeze an actual lemon and put it on the neck... It would not be good.

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