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I switched to MarkBass amps a few years ago, mostly because they are so light. I have a variety of vintage & newer Gibson basses & it handles all of them well. A 15" speaker that handles 300 watts at less than 40 pounds is great! Musicians Friend sometime sell them for 20% off.


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Buke, congrats on the pickup! I just scored a 2005 SG bass myself.

I’m mostly a guitar player, but actually picked up bass first. I had an Epiphone double-scroll as a kid back in ‘81. It was on loan from my school’s concert band. It came with an Ampeg tube head (pretty sure it was an SVT 300) and a 4x10 cabinet. I remember it was a monster!

More recently, I’ve mostly been doing modeling. I had been using Native Instruments’ Guitar Rig from the beginning, but that has been abandon-ware for several years, now. I still keep an older MacBook Pro on hand, paired with some studio reference monitors. The bass amps and presets in that still sound good to my ear. I just received (finally) the Positive Grid Spark ‘smart amp’. It has bass models, too,  but I don’t have enough time on it to offer an opinion yet.

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