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Pickup piezo aura question ...


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Played first gig on saturday with my baggs m1a , didnt like it . 

People said it sounded grand , but because of the way I play sometimes with a heavy right hand , string snapping etc it clicks on the poles ...

Spent the gig thinking too much about the pickup which isnt good ...

I have acquired a fishman aura 16 , and am thinking about a matrix infinty (which I had before in a little Martin with NO aura box and liked ) or will it matter if I just shove the old fishman pickup back into the guitar . It was the one that came with it , worst piezo pickup I've heard.  But will the aura respond any different to a fancy piezo or just the same with any pickup ?? 

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Yeah,  I've messed around,  eventually removing both the high E and the B completely...

The other poles are fairly low , seems an endless battle . Get one right and another needs adjusted ...

I also get a weird drone from the low E with certain capo placements ....



I spoke to a highly experienced musician a while ago about pickups and he says he gets the same one fitted every time , not necessarily because it's the possible best one available , but the one he knows how to work... as in playing,  think I know what hes talking about 


At certain times the M1A sounds great , would he great if I just played every song with the same attack .

 But sometimes I'm using a pick , sometimes I'm gently strumming , sometimes I'm finger picking hard ....

Just dont think a sound hole one is what I should be working with...

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You won't want to hear this but here goes...

My 2005 Gibson Dove came with the full Baggs Anthem and I really like it. I put the mic near to full, backed up a little, volume to full then backed a little and it sounds very good plugged to my Boss VE8, no extra stuff. The 'TruMic' part gives it the 'air' or 'realism'. Now, a short disclaimer - my Boss VE8 has magic fairies inside that make a lot of pickups I have tried sound really nice and when I put the same pickup through my amp or mixer - yuk! It must be some electronica that automatically adjusts for a certain pickup. Basically, I don't know but like it.....




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Hmm...Kidblast, I think it was...ripped his Anthem out because the soundhole control section rattled and buzzed... thought I had better mention it.

Now I was thinking of getting the full Anthem put in my 2007 Gibson Blues King L-00. It came with the Element, pretty horrible, so I was going to treat it to an Anthem for all these happy years of acoustic service and guinea piggedness with all kinds of soundhole pickups. BUT, I was playing (and singing) through my Boss VE8 yesterday I tried the dreaded Element  in the BK hooked direct to the VE8 to try the "Acoustic Resonance" knob. And just a mere 1/4 turn of the knob gets rid of a fair slice of the piezo quack. Add some Vokes with a SM58 and some spill, well I have to say I could maybe run with it. It is not as convincing as an Aura or a Tonedexter, but you know, If I was using the rest of the stuff on the Boss VE8, well...vocal, reverbs, delay, harmony, loop, - it really is a great little box. I only use a splash of reverb and the occasional harmony for a chorus part for vokes, and usually not one thing for guitars - just plug in a sorted pickup.


Here is the blurb:


  • Play

    With the VE-8’s dedicated guitar channel, your acoustic axe will sound just as great as your vocals. Acoustic Resonance magically restores your natural guitar sound, eliminating the sterile piezo “quack” that plagues typical undersaddle pickups used in plugged-in acoustics. Reverb and chorus are on hand too, plus cool BOSS effects like Octave, Mod Delay, and more. There’s a built-in tuner as well, a must-have tool for stage performing. And with the phase switch and notch filter, you have fingertip access for killing any feedback issues the instant they arise.





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