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What's Your Preference for Tuning Machines on an SJ200?


SJ200 Tuning Machines  

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  1. 1. What's your preference for tuning machines on an SJ200?

    • Grover 135 Keystones
    • Grover 102 Keystones
    • Grover 305 Rotomatics
    • Other

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Trying to decide if I want to change out the tuning machines on the new to me SJ200 natural.  I've always been a fan of the "green" keystone look on SJ200's and Hummingbirds.  The SJ200 I picked up has Keystone button Rotomatics, which actually aren't that bad now that I've had the guitar for a few days.  I'm not normally a fan of gold hardware, but this one has gold tuners and strap button.  Thinking of swapping them out to the Grover 135 Keystones.  The 135's are 1/4 lb lighter than the ones currently on it.

Here are the Rotomatics Keystones that came on it:






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The biggest issue with Roomatics is, of course, the weight.  The J200 though is about the only Gibson I can think of think of  that can get away with Rotomatics.  My favorite tuners on that particular Gibson model  though was  oddly the Kluson Sealfasts.  I ran into a 1958  J200 which sported those and I really liked the look.. I gather that those on this articular guitar were actually leftover Epi tuners.  Somebody in Kalamazoo apparently set about altering the Epiphone Epsilon  to look like a "G".    Problem is, as far as I know, nobody is doing a good reproduction of these for sale to the public and  originals will run you over $400 a set.  Expect to pay even more if they are stamped Gibson.  Never cared for Keystone knobs though.  Prefer metal butterbean or just plastic ovals..  



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Thanks for putting up a pic of those Sealfast tuners, 'Woof- I've had no idea what you were talking about as far as what they looked like. But for T.G.Gumbino, my vote would be for the 135's. . . harkens back to the classic SJ-200's of earlier days, although the gold Keystones that are on it are in remarkably good shape- that gold usually gets fairly nasty looking before too long, esp. when the guitar is kept out.


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