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Gibson ES335 70s Stain Walnut from Zzounds $1999

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Did anyone get the 2017 Gibson Es335 70s Stain Walnut from Zzounds for $1999 back in 2018?(10% discount comes out to be $1799}

Wondering how you like the guitar.

Mine is still in the case and hope to get it out and use it one of these days.

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On 11/21/2019 at 9:41 AM, Larsongs said:

Awesome Guitar! Why aren't you playing it? 

Funny you should ask.

I also have a  New 2017 ES335 in Natural figured ,2017 ES137 Billie Joe Armstrong and a 2017 ES330 in natural with bigsby(all not played at all} besides the ES335 in Stain Walnut.

Think the reason that I don't play them is that I have no time or maybe kinda lazy lately or maybe I just have to many New guitars I bought

and put them in my closet lol.

I think the real reason is I just don't get around playing them...….JT

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Wish I had known that this particular model was available before I grabbed one of those satin walnut 330's. The neck position bugs me sometimes. I like how the neck is positioned on yours.

Nice git. Now play that sucker!

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In the 70's I had a 60's walnut 335 and a silly need to pay rent made it go bye-bye... It had a trapeze TP and it was THE 335 I have judged all other 335's by since then. Well since I'm no longer 335 deficient I was able to get a dark walnut 339. It's a nice git but not a 335. 



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