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Your most OVER-rated guitarist?

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I noticed that some of you dis so called "shredders"

saying anyone can learn to shred. Well' date=' I can't shred. Can you?


When you can shred but still choose to do slow solos, you would

be more convincing. But if you dis shredders because they play

faster than you, then you're just jealous.




Edited by Mod because he has no idea what he is talking about

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I think a player is overrated when he is put as #1 of the 100 better guitarists in the world' date=' no matter who it is (yes, even Jimmy Page, who I dont like or Brian May which is my favorite).




Because you just can't say one of them is better.


Things only get worst when the #1 is Kurt Cobain or one of the slipknot guys and Jimmy, Jimmy, Brian, and Eric don't even make it to the list. Great players that never make it to those lists are: Robert Fripp, Andy Summers, Paco De Lucia, hell, even me =; (I know I play better than Cobain :D)[/quote']

I think robert johnson should be #1....the dude ****ing sold his soul to the devil to play guitar....thats so #1!

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1. First place: DEFINITELY Eric ''Slowhand'' Clapton


For those who disagree and ask us to go back to John Mayall's Bluesbreakers: Dudes, take a listen to the very next album from the Bluesbreakers, the one they recorded with Peter Green. He eats Clapton for breakfast (even though Green was heavily inspired by Clapton - tonewise mainly).


2. Jimi Hendrix


OK, take it out on me now...



Good night folks!

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what everyone that illicits an opinion on clapton' date=' page, townsend and the like have to remember is that these guys were not just "guitar players" like in your band at some honky tonk on saturday night...these guys were "GUITAR THINKERS". They were playing and making songs, not guitar. I can almost assure that not 1 single person posting here including myself would have laid tracks on any of those timeless hits to rival the originals. Any chimp can learn the technical aspects of playing an instrument, many fewer can express themselves in a way that speaks to others though. Personally I dont play guitar....I play songs on a guitar. I mean, can I learn and play the solo to paradise city? Sure of course. Could I have originally authored it? most likely not... [/quote']


Interesting early on I told my bass player that I got Clapton beat. He replied I don't know that guy laid down way to many classic lics original licks. I understood the point be there and be first. Layla comes to mind and so many Slow Hand and Cream creations. I'll give Eric his kudos.


Most over rated, Steve Vai and his teacher Satriani. Jeff Beck was number 1 for me when you've seen him live you would understand. Eric Johnson is about THE best player I've ever seen, makes me a little sick really. =P~

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This whole thread is just plain sad.


#-o I pray for your souls.


I don't go for hippie talk much either;but I do agree - each to their own...now altogether sing: "I'm an individual(you can't fool me);an indi-bloody-vidual(you can't fool me)".

My fellow Aussies should get this(depending on their age).

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A lot of people saying Clapton....and I kind of agree. Don't get me wrong, he's a great player, but 3 main gripes with him. 1, although he's a very good blues player - one of the best, there are many, many better rock players out there but he still gets held up there as the greatest living Rock guitarist. I doubt many people have studdied the blues as much as Eric, or built up the library of licks he has, but in rock there's something missing. His soul is rooted in blues, he's not explosive enough to really rock me in the same way Page, Angus Young, Slash, Blackmore, Gorham, Garry More etc do.. So he's one of the best but the polls always say Hendrix is 1 and Clapton is 2. In this way you can say Hendrix is over-rated too because as much as I love him (and he is one of my top players) there isn't really "a" BEST. Gripe number 2 is his bland output of music that he made after claiming to be a blues purist. Even as far back as Derick and the Dominoes I felt he was playing bland soul music.. When he first emerged with the Yardbirds and John Mayall's bluesbreakers, he was probably the best guitarist out there but was quickly followed and matched by people like Beck and Page and then Hendrix. He was "God" for a year or two at most. I don't know why he gets singled out as the second best of all the time. gripe number 3, I find that half the time he amazes me and the other half he bores me. I loved cream (well some of cream) because he was actually forced to go a bit psychedelic and experiment. Apart from that he either does blues for the 1000th time, or really bland commercial stuff. And I don't really like this attitude that if you don't love Clapton it's because you're young and don't appreciate the blues and know nothing about music. Yes I'm 26, but I love blues. I rather listen to Big Bill Broonzy than Clapton most days. If people are never allowed to challange the popular opinion, musicians stop being musicians and become sacred cows.


Another guy I don't dig is The Edge (nice pretentious name, too) If he lost his delay pedal, he'd be screwed. Yet I've seen many a poll where he's been top 10. I'm baffled.


Curt Cobain appearing in guitarist polls also baffles/amuses me. Other than that I don't see too many people who I think are over-rated whether I like their style or not. Do have to say that Johnny Marr is ok, but John Squire kicks his arse. And John Squire is hardly known. Shame.

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I haven't bothered to read the whole thread. So excuse me if I'm repeating anything.



Jimmy Page

Angus Young

Jimi Hendrix

Eric Clapton

David Gilmore



[EDIT] - Well, damn. I just keep thinking of more. It's not that I don't like them and it's not that I don't think that they're okay players, but I'll be damned if they aren't over-rated. Especially around these parts.

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ALL famous guitarists are "Over-rated, OR "Under-rated," depending on who's doing the rating,

where they're coming from, musically, sylistically, predudice towards "Their" favorite player, etc.

It's a "tailchase," at best! Who cares, really...just enjoy the music/player you like, but keep an

open mind. As to "Hating" a player? Why??? Isn't there enough "Hate" in the world. I suspect

it's jealousy, more than anything. But, why be jealous? Life's not fair, never has been, most likely

never will be. Learn the instrument, as best you can, trying to constantly improve, and learn different

syles. Then, you won't have time to worry about who's "over/under rated!"


Just my 2-cents worth...



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